10 Years of Aleberry & Helping Founders Fundraise!

Aleberry officially turns TEN! We've worked with some pretty great companies that we love to brag on, so we took some time to put together a handful of metrics.

From next-gen aerospace to life-saving medical devices, we’ve worked with incredible founders, helping them fundraise & look good along the way!

Here’s a snapshot of where we’ve been:

  • Over $650MM raised with Aleberry (Over $1B raised total - our clients are pretty rad)!
  • 8 Exits (including IPOs + M&A)
  • 76% of our startup & fund clients are still active & scaling
  • 150+ startups and 40+ funds & accelerators
  • Across 20 sectors

From fundraising roadmaps to decks & websites to in-house investor relations, we have LOVED working with deep technology startups. This year we have a few exciting ventures we hope to launch and look to expand our focus in investor relations. We can't build the insane things (pediatric oncology devices or actual rockets!) founders do, but we can definitely help them along the way.

We started this company when we were 21(!), straight out of college with about $600 of our side-job money. Aleberry started as a design shop avoiding the corporate ad world. Little did we know we would jump onto this crazy rollercoaster ride. Over the course of the first few years, we were thrown into the startup world & found more and more companies coming to us for investor & deck advise than just design. Those folks kept raising & coming back. We realized where our heart & competitive advantage were, so we made the switch and never looked back!

There were folks who thought we were ridiculous or "cute", but then there were the folks who took us under their wing and gave us a chance. For that, we are eternally grateful. We wouldn't be where we are today without the partners & clients we now consider family.

Shoutout to our families for obviously putting up with us during those teen years, but also for having our backs and never questioning our drive.

If you are a startup looking to fundraise or a fund looking to grow, let's chat! We get just as excited about your company as you do! hello@aleberrycreative.com

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