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Board Management Tools, WP to Webflow, & We're Hiring! Happy Post VDay! 😘
Happy Post-Valentine’s Day! As most of you guessed, this is basically how Aleberry spent VDay. Except we spoil every dog we meet on the regular.P.S. thanks for all the love on our clients hitting $2B Raised!
Scaling to $100M. Board Management Tools. Fundraising in Today's Market. Series A Metrics. Deep Tech & Digitalisation.
Scaling your GTM engine, tools to manage your board, metrics for a Series A, fundraising in today's market, and VC Funds discuss deep tech & digitalisation.
Investor Types, Hot Markets, & $2B+ Raised. Congrats on Surviving 2021! 🎉
Dog-Eared: January 2022. ‍First personal note of the year: Congrats on surviving 2021!
Benchmarks & Go-To-Market Strategies. Digital Health, FinTech, & PropTech are Hot. New VC Funds.
A Go-To-Market Strategy Planner & Samsara Metrics Breakdown. Drugs in a Virtual World. FinTech is a hot market for Venture Capital funds, so is PropTech. Haystack & Speedinvest announce new funds.
Angel Investor vs. Venture Capitalist vs. Private Equity
Who should I pitch my startup to? From Angels to VC Funds to Private Equity Funds, a breakdown of the differences between types of tech and startup investors.
Top 5 Tech & VC Podcasts for Founders & Investors
Happy #InternationalPodcastsDay! To celebrate, we're sharing a few of our favorite podcasts focused on tech, investing, and entrepreneurship. These hosts dive into everything from how a company was built to interviews with founders & venture capitalists about their successful exits & ultimate failures.
Dog-Eared: FREE Investor Funnel, Webflow V. Wordpress, & Creating A Deck Part I
In this edition, we're sharing a few free resources for going through the fundraising process. We'll also take a quick dive into Webflow v. WordPress! (because your website should be built for you, not the other way around)
Investor Due Diligence: A Breakdown & Investor Funnel Template
As a founder or startup, you should absolutely be doing the same internal due diligence on investors PRIOR to reaching out & pitching. Think about dating, recruiting, or interviewing for a job. Are you swiping right on every single person or job? For your sanity, I hope not! By creating your investor funnel and running through the checklist, you'll prevent wasted resources & a bad taste in your mouth. More importantly, you'll get to your end goal faster! Cuz let's be honest... $$$.
How To Create a Pitch Deck for Investors: Part I, An Overview & Investor Deck Outline
Welcome to Part I of our new blog series on How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors. This series distills sections of an investor deck with pitch deck slide examples from Aleberry startups who have successfully raised capital from VCs, CVCs, PEs, and Angels. Let's kickoff with Part I: An Overview & Investor Deck Outline!
What are the different types of decks or business presentations?
Every founder should have a minimum of 3 types of presentations: a pitch deck for demo days, an investor deck, and a technical or sales deck. You should also have various versions of these, depending on who you are pitching to. We like to start with one big Master Deck and adjust the slides accordingly.
Dog-Eared: VC Due Diligence, Learning from's Exit, SAFEs & Convertible Notes
In this edition, we're chatting about the importance of startups researching investors, learning from, and SAFEs & Convertible note term sheet terminology.
ReVenture: A better way to fundraise
A few good fundraising tips from our mates at ReVenture ( with a lovely mention of Aleberry!
10 Years of Aleberry & Helping Founders Fundraise!
Aleberry officially turns TEN! We've worked with some pretty great founders that we love to brag on, so we took some time to put together a handful of metrics.
Pitch Deck: Competition - WorthIt
Pitch Deck: Traction Slide. If you have awards or user traction, show it off! Make your key metrics & logos the focal point, and don't clutter! We usually like to tie this into your milestones/financials to show what you've accomplished without the soon-to-be funding. #ecommerce
Fundraising 101: Establish That PMF (Product Market Fit)
Fundraising Tip: Establish your PMF (Product Market Fit) before starting / launching any business! This means someone other than your mum would buy your product.
Fundraising 101: What is your GTM (Go-To-Market) Strategy?
Fundraising Tip: Your deck should cover your GTM (Go-To-Market) Strategy because investors aren't mind readers & your product won't magically appear in consumers' hands. 🧙⠀
Pitch Deck: Close Slide
Pitch Deck: Close Slide. A-B-C. Always Be Closing.
Pitch Deck Problem Slide: Blackbeard
Pitch Deck: Energy Tech Problem Slide. Sometimes the industry is the problem; sometimes your competition is the problem. We always start with the standard pitch outline then adjust according to your pitch & business model.
Design 101: Use That Font Family
Ever skimmed an article or recipe before reading in detail? Customers & Potential investors do the same thing on your websites & decks. Provide cues & hierarchy.
Pitch Deck Cover Slide: Pulmotech
Pitch Deck: a clean MedTech cover slide for Pulmotech. Put a mini-phrase/tagline on the cover so people investors/potential clients know what to expect.