ReVenture: A better way to fundraise

"Avoid the headache and heartache and leverage these quick tips to get you ahead on your funding mission ...

You have an idea.  You've worked hard to bring it this far.  Now what you need is funding, but accessing funding might seem like a mammoth task that requires a small army of assistance, from lawyers to financial advisors just so that you can start the long, long road to rejection.  But what if there was a better way? Here are 3 tips to help you succeed:"

Rather then spending months and months of anguishing effort trying and failing to connect with the right investors in the right way, teams like Aleberry Creative will quickly get you there, telling you what your presentation and proposal is missing and prepare you for quick, effective conversation with funding partners.

ReVenture is a consultancy based in Toronto, Canada and Boston, MA focused on accelerating the success of businesses and initiatives around sustainability and clean-tech.

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