the humans

The founders; who are we? How did we end up working in such a niche? Who are the non-humans dictating the things we do (like heaving steaming poop from the cold dirt with a non-insulatory baggie acting as a glove)?


& Stella


The Founders:

and their dogs

Outside of operating Aleberry, we, like you, are just regular old boring dogs & humans. If you're curious about that side of the coin for whatever reason, you're in the right place to quench a thirst for potentially useless information.


& Kilda


William Bradley

& Kilda

I was born by the river, in a little tent, and like that river I've been running ever since. I was actually born in the relatively desertous area of Lubbock, Texas. But I do like to run. My parents crossed the state line from New Mexico just for the occasion (and sanitary hospital) and now I've got all the privilege of a native Texan!

Year 2009 A.D. - With the ink still drying on an advertising degree and the US economy a raging dumpster fire, naturally... we started a business. Literally having no idea what we were doing, after about 3 years of trial and error, by 2012 our experience swelled to the point of a legitimate focus: helping startups secure VC investments.

[From the desk of Kilda]
"One fine day in the spring of 2014, I leapt obliviously in front of some guy's car. Luckily it was the right guy, in a car with decent brakes.

I'm fast as hell, super smart and ultra pretty, social yet bashful. I bark only when I should, I cuddle a bit more than I should, but I never stink or drool or cheat or steal. Barring references to my car-sense, sleep-barking, or off-leash street walking skills, I'm essentially the perfect dog."

Gira Wieczorek

& Stella

Got this cross-cultural identity thing going on: raised in an Indian household, with those Indians being British citizens that came over from Africa. I grew up at an American French school run by nuns. Yeah - things are complicated. Texas born. England & Aston Villa fan forever. Speaker of American English, Real English, French, and Gujarati.

Back when I was a youth (circa 2009), after a few semesters of working together in Ad School, William and I executed this crazy idea called Aleberry. We were young; mistakes (many) were made. A few years in, and we found our footing (thanks to legit experience and money raised): helping startups secure VC funds.
[From the desk of Stella]
“An accidental blessing from a black lab & neighboring farm’s sheepdog. I was spotted under ‘Rescue This Free Box of Puppies’ on Craigslist. It wasn’t until recently my humans told me I was a dog. I was born on a Texas farm surrounded by pigs, chickens, and horses. When mum & dad came to pick me up, I was doing my best oink-work as I followed the matriarchal pig & fellow piglets around.

Luckily my humans are into rescuing, because just like my work-wife Kilda, my mixed-breed looks generate a buzz at all the trendy dog-friendly spots. I’m a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of fast. I can catch anything and play for hours. My sense of adventure gets me into trouble, but hey I’m a dog!“