What we'll do for you

If you're looking to assume the form of "startup with brand and message delivery which directly and cogently appeals to investors and customers on the other side of the chasm", that's what we'll do for you.

Methods of Engagement

3+ Month
Retainer Plans
Day Sessions
& Sprints

3+ Month Retainer Plans

This is a long term engagement spanning from 3 months to infinity. This is for executing the entire road map developed to accomplish your particular goal, even if that goal is simply indefinite smooth operation.
Where are you going? How do we get there?
A poorly planned trip rarely ends well. We always kickoff with an in-depth understanding of your goals and create a suitable strategy.
What we cover:
Solid comprehension of your company
Define goals: funding, traction, looking good, all of the above?
Audit of current state of affairs
Detailed plan, Weekly Agendas
Fundraising Roadmap
Content + Design
Look good, sound good, on everything.
A map has been drawn, time to execute! Whether your current state of affairs are written in bullet points, drawn in MS Paint, or non-existent, we'll organize and clean you up.
What we cover:
Pitch decks & scripts, content strategy, writing, and editing
Branding tweaks & development
Website design & development
Social & SEO setups
Investor & marketing collateral
Content Strategy & Design
Investor Relations
Get guidance on who to talk to and how to do it.
Fundraising can suck (and be a time-suck). Lucky for you, we love this part! Let us be your advisor through the process of due diligence and securing your next round.
What we cover:
Investor due diligence
Iterations on collateral & pitches
Board / Advisor roles
On-going communication & support
Fundraising through our personal network: If we find you to be a potential fit for one of our PE/VC Partners, we are happy to talk about personal introductions and assistance.
Investor Relations
Support + Maintenance
Keeping up appearances
Like any good parent, we'll never leave you hanging. If you need a bit more time with us or just have no time to deal with the upkeep of these items, we're here for you.
What we cover:
Upkeep of collateral
Website maintenance & hosting
On-going investor relations
In-house project management
Support & Maintenance