Top 5 Tech & VC Podcasts for Founders & Investors

Happy #InternationalPodcastsDay! To celebrate, we're sharing a few of our favorite podcasts focused on tech, investing, and entrepreneurship. These hosts dive into everything from how a company was built to interviews with founders & venture capitalists about their successful exits & ultimate failures.

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In no particular order, we dig the following podcasts for founders & investors:

Best Venture Capital Podcasts & Best Podcasts for Startups

The Twenty Minute VC, by Harry Stebbings

Twitter: @twentyminutevc

Harry interviews successful venture capitalists in an easy to digest 20 minutes. Take your dog for a walk & dive into the world of venture capitalism. Many of these investors have successful exited companies & discuss their decision making process.

One of our favorite episodes was with Angela Strange, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she focuses on fintech companies. Even more inspiring is her background at Google, where she launched & grew Chrome for mobile, an app just about everyone uses regularly!

Origins, by Notation Capital

Twitter: @NotationCapital

Origins is unique in that they actually discuss parts of the fund making process that many others don't: the beginnings & stories behind how investor approach their funds.

One of our favorite episodes was with a friend of Aleberry: Semil Shah of Haystack, where we learned about his super-chill AF non-traditional background., by Podglomerate

Twitter: @rocketshipfm makes just about every "LISTEN TO THIS" list out there for a reason. The interviews are packed with diverse backgrounds & industries and actionable tips. This is one of the more well-rounded entrepreneurial podcasts because they cover creating, growing, managing, and marketing your company.

Our favorite episode is one of the most recent ones covering Black Product Managers. As we look back on our history of streams, more tech podcasts need to diversify across backgrounds &topics.

Inside Intercom Podcast, by Intercom

Twitter: @intercom

We're big fans of Intercom as a company. Their blog is incredibly insightful for marketing strategies, inspiration & actionable tips. The podcast is no different. They cover product management, marketing, sales, and even a bit of design.

Their "Scale" series of episodes are highly recommended for companies kicking off or struggling with growing pains.

How I Built This with Guy Raz, by NPR

Twitter: @guyraz @HowIBuiltThis

NPR has an incredible directory of solid listens. How I Built This interviews founders behind some of the most well-known brands around the world. The interviews are more in-depth & Raz dives into their failures just as much as their successes.

Stepping away from the typical SaaS, hardware, and other technical products, one of our favorite listens was the most recent one with Health-Ade Kombucha's Daina Trout.

Time to pick an episode & take your dog for a walk!

Don't forget the poop bags; you know your nosy neighbor is spying on you.

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Did we leave your favorite host or podcast off? Throw us a line & let us know why you dig it.

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