Aleberry’s Weekly Reading: “Pitch the way VCs think: Presenting powerpoint with emotion” - Khosla Ventures

Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures distills basic pitch deck rules in his 25-minute talk

Khosla’s presentation integrates “bad examples” - most of which resemble the decks initially sent to us by clients - with basic rules VCs want to see.

His advice includes many of Aleberry’s Startup Pitch Deck Rules that we reiterate to our clients:

  • Stop stuffing each slide with as much content as possible. Whitespace is your friend.
  • Focus on A FEW key takeaways.
  • Address risk & show your business is well thought out.
  • Powerful titles > vague/buzzword titles
  • Have a clear ask & traction
  • Show/visuals > telling

Khosla’s talk will give you a basic understanding of what to expect and how to organize a deck to help you secure funding.

If you have 25 minutes to spare, we highly recommend watching his talk as a starting point for meeting with the Aleberry team

Watch the video & download his slides here: “Pitch the way VCs think”

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