Pitch Deck Tuesday: BeautyNow & Village Innovators

Aleberry Creative is excited to announce our new blog series, “Pitch Deck Tuesday”, where we will showcase a couple pitch decks we designed and helped strategize.

We are honored to work with some fantastic startups, both locally and internationally, and we want to take this opportunity to showcase these innovators.

Each Pitch Deck Tuesday will showcase a startup, discuss our process with both storytelling and presentation strategy, and showcase a few of our pitch deck or investor deck designs. 

Kicking off Pitch Deck Tuesday are BeautyNow & Village Innovators, two Houston-based startups.


BeautyNow was founded by a successful beauty blogger & attorney, Kathleen Jennings. Jennings created the OpenTable for beauty appointments, and it revolutionizes the way consumers make spa & salon appointments. Consumers can book all their beauty needs from the convenience of one app. 

Jenning’s story is one many can relate to. When she was working as an attorney in downtown Houston and had a few moments of unexpected downtime, she would call multiple salons to find one who could fit her in for a manicure within the next hour. Flash forward to when she was pregnant & having terrible migraines. She would call multiple spas for last-minute massages.

In January 2013, BeautyNow was born. 

Jennings came to Aleberry with the need for a new deck design that would serve as both an investor deck and pitch deck. The presentation’s design needed to match her overall brand aesthetic and current web design, keeping the primarily female target audience in mind. 

We were provided with basic slide structure (black text on white backgrounds, mixed in with a few charts) and her app screenshots. To help tell the BeautyNow story we re-designed all the slides. Click through some of the slides below:

BeautyNow Pitch Deck


Aleberry Creative


Village Innovators was part of the inaugural class at OwlSpark, Rice University’s accelerator. 

“Village Innovators is a humanitarian technology venture with a mission to open access to engineering and spark grassroots innovation in impoverished African communities. The company is developing a series of hands-on engineering design challenges, from toothpick towers to wind turbines, that relies on locally available materials. By developing an open-source book, video series, and scholarship program, Village Innovators will seed design projects for 8,000 students at 26 schools in rural Tanzania. Village Innovators aims to scale to other developing countries and is exploring digital networks for open access.”

Their goal is for every home and school in impoverished communities to have basic needs, such as electricity.

Aleberry designs multiple decks for student-based startups, and it is always great to work with such passionate and young entrepreneurs. 

The primary purpose of this presentation design was to visually tell their story for OwlSpark’s Demo Day. The pitch deck followed more of a TEDx style presentation, rather than a content-heavy investor deck. We helped work on their script and content strategy prior to diving into the design. Aesthetically, we wanted to illustrate some of the complex, engineering-based technologies in an easy-to-understand way.

Click through and check out this great organization:

Village Innovators - Pitch Deck


Aleberry Creative

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