Pitch Deck Tuesday: Medical Informatics

The healthcare startup community is kicking butt in Houston, Texas. We’re so proud of some of the leaders and early tech companies who have paved the way in the last few years.

We’re fortunate to work with one of these leaders, Medical Informatics, a software healthcare startup “Saving Lives, Bit by Bit." 

We first met Medical Informatics during OwlSpark’s inaugural class; shortly after they came to us to design an investor deck that illustrates their software & shows just how necessary their Sickbay platform is.

Blog medical informatics from Aleberry Creative

"Medical Informatics solutions give care teams access to the data needed to take action for alarm management and safety. Nurses are flooded with hundreds of alarms from patient monitoring devices during just one shift, and as a result they are frequently at risk to miss high priority alarms.

Our Sickbay software platform enables continuous data collection from a comprehensive set of devices, and our team works collaboratively with your Alarm Steering Committee to create targeted solutions that minimize risk and allow care teams to focus on “actionable alarms.”

Ultimately, our Alarm Management Solutions reduce alarm noise at the patient level, send the right alarms to care providers, and satisfy Joint Commission 2014 and 2016 NPSG.”

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