Pitch Deck Tuesday: Radiant UV

This week we want to showcase a startup taking engineering to another level: Radiant UV. 

This presentations was designed by Aleberry Creative for large demo days and to help tell a story & show just how revolutionary their technologies are.


Radiant UV - Pitch Deck from Aleberry Creative, LLC

Aleberry Creative created this pitch deck for Radiant UV to present at various demo days. Because Radiant UV is an established company, our process began with re-working the design & strategy of a basic content-heavy & corporate presentation. Our goal was to take this presentation and create a deck that visually tells their story and introduces the importance of Radiant UV’s technology.

“Radiant Industrial Solutions is the leading technology provider of Ultraviolet and disinfection technologies for commercial and industrial markets! Radiant is proud to offer solutions through equipment and service to disinfection, curing, and ultraviolet applications. From Engineering, parts, and service we have a ultraviolet, filtration, or other technology solution for your needs. Radiant Industrial Solutions has been providing Ultraviolet, Ozone, and Filtration solutions since 1989.”

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