Reading This: “Marketing Authenticity: When Branding Gets Personal”

The Every Girl wrote a great article on the importance of authenticity in branding and marketing. 

This article exemplifies Aleberry’s process with branding when we design everything from logos to websites to pitch decks. 

It’s a good read if you are a business owner. Much of the article includes questions we ask every client before we begin our design process.

“The real you is where passion happens. It’s where progress happens. It’s where compassion and truth and adventure happen. You cannot get to those places without being authentic, and thanks to what’s happening in marketing right now, hopefully the fakers won’t have much time left. ”

“The challenge is to dig deep back into the soul of your client, remember who they are, remember what they bring to their customer, and to extend that story in a way that is new and exciting. There are no short cuts. You are a no longer a manufacturer of consent. You are a cultivator of truth.”

Read the full manifesto >>

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