Rescued Pets Movement shirt Benefiting RPM’s Harvey efforts

It’s been a rough couple weeks for Aleberry. 

Houston not only raised our founders, but introduced Aleberry to the world of tech, startups & fundraising. Needless to say, our hearts are broken as we watch our hometown & loved ones suffer and start to rebuild the city for the next few years.

We’ve been working with one of our favorite causes, Rescued Pets Movement, to do everything we can as they help the city’s animals.

If you’re looking for some cool swag, check out this shirt (RPM link will be updated shortly)! Proceeds will go towards RPM’s Harvey relief efforts. If you’re interested, leave a message below & we’ll get the store over to you as soon as it’s available!

Lastly, Houston - we want to give you guys a MAJOR shoutout for your level of compassion & resiliency. Houston is showing the world what true American values look like. 

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