“Richard Branson on Growing Your Business by Building a Community” - Entrepreneur

In an article for Entrepreneur, Richard Branson explains the importance of a company’s involvement in the community in relation to long-term success.

Getting involved in volunteer efforts may help you to find customers and grow a business with deep roots in the community, which may be integral to its long-term success.

He describes one of Aleberry’s core philosophies of being involved in Houston, especially with start-ups (more coming up about upcoming hackathons & mentoring this month) and reasons for our success. 

Through the relationships you build by doing such work, your business will become a hub for the community, supporting and fostering the people around it. It will help you to build a stronger culture within your company, better relationships with your customers and staff, and ultimately a more successful business.

Through mentoring & volunteering at Houston-based start-up and tech events, we have seen a higher rate of design referrals and great clients. We have found our clients are happier, and we have built a reputation of trust worthiness and reliability in the community.

At the end of the day, the community surrounding both you and your business will play a key role in your company’s culture and happiness. We’re lucky to have great design clients and partners in Houston!

Take a look at events like Startup Weekend or civic hackathons. Many thanks to people like Jeff Reichman (January Advisors) and Jerald Reichstein (Bouncing Pixel and GroundUP Houston), and MANY others who help pull together the startup community. A few hours of your weekend can help foster great ideas and help your company go a long way.

Read more from Richard Branson.

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