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Aleberry + Adobe Muse Showcased!
We were lucky enough to snag a beta of this and work with the people at Adobe to create our new website and tweak some things along the way. Adobe Muse is now available in public beta. Our new website is currently showcased on the official Muse site.
Quoted in: "Righting the Ship With Tough Web Design Clients"
Gira quoted in a useful article on handling web clients. Some good information for those starting out.
New Year, New Site. Better Client Resources.
A couple weeks ago, we celebrated another year of Aleberry design! We are excited to celebrate with the launch of a new site & new company features. (same name, better site)! Our site is non-Flash, and viewable on iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices.
Aleberry Creative uses bold colors and graphics, reminiscent of block printing to highlight their content. The fingerprint pattern background is unique and striking, as well as the animated loading graphic.