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Camden Partners: Before & After Private Equity & Venture Fund Website
A Private Equity & Venture Capital firm website case study (built on Webflow by Aleberry).
10 Years of Aleberry & Helping Founders Fundraise!
Aleberry officially turns TEN! We've worked with some pretty great founders that we love to brag on, so we took some time to put together a handful of metrics.
Logo Design & Branding: Possip
Possip: Easy Parent Engagement Branding #edtech
Pitch Deck Problem Slide: Blackbeard
Pitch Deck: Energy Tech Problem Slide. Sometimes the industry is the problem; sometimes your competition is the problem. We always start with the standard pitch outline then adjust according to your pitch & business model.
Logo Design & Branding: Vital Kitchen
Logo Design & Branding for Vital Kitchen
Logo Design & Branding: Simuapp
Branding / Logo Design for Simuapp
We’ve been squatting on this URL for over a year. Finally turned it into our first Aleberry Side-Op. More ops coming soon.
Clients Being Awesome: TicHelper featured on NPR
Our client TicHelper, an 8-week, family based program that teaches kids and their parents effective skills to manage tics, was recently featured on NPR.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Project Insiders
Aleberry was fortunate to have one of our awesome clients accepted into SURGE 3 last year. Project Insiders is a Houston-based O&G SaaS-based platform that provides sales intelligence on large capital investment projects.
Larson Skinner &
In the past year, Aleberry has been able to do design work for Larson Skinner, Attorneys at Law.
Genisys Global: Logo Refresh
As an already established brand, Genisys Global required their new logo to be more of a refresh and update rather than a complete new design.
Rebrand Taken to the Next Level
Aleberry Creative recently worked in collaboration with GlobalWrites on a rebranding project for Level 5 Consulting, based in D.C.
Comapony: A Misspelled Identity.
If you misspell “company” in an email thread with us, it’s going to lead to about 45 minutes of distraction.
GrubSquad - Feeding Productivity Enthusiasts
Ogo, founder of GrubSquad, came to us with the need to create a visual identity and design work for various print and web media, including a responsive web design. We were provided with a color scheme and a target audience of “Productivity Enthusiasts”.
Courtney Cachet - Fabulous Lives Here.
Courtney Cachet is an internationally known designer whose clientele include A-list celebrities, NBC, Huffington Post, Rachel Zoe, and many others. When she’s not working with celebrities and media, she is designing her furniture, jewelry, and electronic accessories lines.
Sugar Daze Cupcakes: Video
We love when our clients get featured. Check out logo treatment for our Sugar Daze Cupcakes logo at end Be Street ICE Shop at Mess Around Paris - Porte de Versailles.
Aleberry Creative uses bold colors and graphics, reminiscent of block printing to highlight their content. The fingerprint pattern background is unique and striking, as well as the animated loading graphic.
Design a logo like you would a knot.
I like to make analogies whenever possible because they’re usually a great way to make sure people understand what I’m saying. Actually, half of the analogies I make are to help myself remember whatever idea I need to keep following. The logo/knot one is both.