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Camden Partners: Before & After Private Equity & Venture Fund Website
A Private Equity & Venture Capital firm website case study (built on Webflow by Aleberry).
New Site. Who Dis?
New sparkling site. Dig around, and have some fun!
10 Years of Aleberry & Helping Founders Fundraise!
Aleberry officially turns TEN! We've worked with some pretty great founders that we love to brag on, so we took some time to put together a handful of metrics.
Website Design & Development for Braviant Holdings
Financial Tech Website
Pitch Deck: Competition - WorthIt
Pitch Deck: Traction Slide. If you have awards or user traction, show it off! Make your key metrics & logos the focal point, and don't clutter! We usually like to tie this into your milestones/financials to show what you've accomplished without the soon-to-be funding. #ecommerce
Logo Design & Branding: Possip
Possip: Easy Parent Engagement Branding #edtech
Pitch Deck: Close Slide
Pitch Deck: Close Slide. A-B-C. Always Be Closing.
Website Design & Development for Proxima Clinical Research
Website Design & Development for Proxima Clinical Research
Pitch Deck Problem Slide: Blackbeard
Pitch Deck: Energy Tech Problem Slide. Sometimes the industry is the problem; sometimes your competition is the problem. We always start with the standard pitch outline then adjust according to your pitch & business model.
Design 101: Use That Font Family
Ever skimmed an article or recipe before reading in detail? Customers & Potential investors do the same thing on your websites & decks. Provide cues & hierarchy.
Logo Design & Branding: Vital Kitchen
Logo Design & Branding for Vital Kitchen
Logo Design & Branding: Simuapp
Branding / Logo Design for Simuapp
Pitch Deck Cover Slide: Pulmotech
Pitch Deck: a clean MedTech cover slide for Pulmotech. Put a mini-phrase/tagline on the cover so people investors/potential clients know what to expect.
WeWork Labs & Aleberry
Hi WeWork Labs members! Join Aleberry tomorrow for our session & mentor office hours at WeWork Labs DC! We'll cover Pitch Deck Outlines + General Fundraising Questions and dive into a quick audit of your current deck! See you Monday @12pm! @wework ⠀
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SRECon 2018: Conference Presentation Design Before & After
Mum always says: don't go on stage looking like a fool! Ok, maybe she doesn't - but she probably tells you dress to impress for any important career event. The same holds true for conferences and pitches’s 2017 Finest. Vote for us!
We’re stoked for another fantastic nomination by the DC tech community!
Limited Edition Harvey shirt benefiting RPM video!
Thanks to Black Swan Printing for doing such a kickass job with our designs (cool video of our designs placed onto shirts below)!
DC Inno’s 50 on Fire DC Winner!
So stoked to announce that we are officially winners of DC Inno’s 50 on Fire award in the DESIGN category! Looking at this dope list, it’s an honor to be named with amazing companies like Revolution Ventures, Cava, humble ventures, The Washington Post, and SO MANY OTHERS!
Rescued Pets Movement shirt Benefiting RPM’s Harvey efforts
We’ve been working with one of our favorite causes, Rescued Pets Movement, to do everything we can as they help the city’s animals.