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Greater Houston Partnership - Houston: The City With No Limits Campaign
We designed a few infographics for this campaign, which we will show off over the few couple weeks. All items in the toolkit are available to share & promote Houston!
Link Love:
This site is the startup & tech version of “I saw [insert Top 40 band name] 3 years ago in a small club before they were big.”
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Project Insiders
Aleberry was fortunate to have one of our awesome clients accepted into SURGE 3 last year. Project Insiders is a Houston-based O&G SaaS-based platform that provides sales intelligence on large capital investment projects.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: 10Six
The pitch deck was designed to be an overview presentation that was sent to potential investors & clients. We started out with a pretty standard paragraphs-of-text on white background PowerPoint created by the founders.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Radiant UV
This week we want to showcase a startup taking engineering to another level: Radiant UV.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Medical Informatics
We’re fortunate to work with one of these leaders, Medical Informatics, a software healthcare startup “Saving Lives, Bit by Bit."
Larson Skinner &
In the past year, Aleberry has been able to do design work for Larson Skinner, Attorneys at Law.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: AMS & Energizing Health
This week we want to showcase two sectors making big technology waves in this awesome city of Houston, TX: Energy & Healthcare. In the past few years, we’ve seen some amazing startups come out of Houston’s accelerators, hospitals, and universities.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: BeautyNow & Village Innovators
Aleberry Creative is excited to announce our new blog series, “Pitch Deck Tuesday”, where we will showcase a couple pitch decks we designed and helped strategize.
Reading This: “Marketing Authenticity: When Branding Gets Personal”
The Every Girl wrote a great article on the importance of authenticity in branding and marketing. This article exemplifies Aleberry’s process with branding when we design everything from logos to websites to pitch decks.
Genisys Global: Logo Refresh
As an already established brand, Genisys Global required their new logo to be more of a refresh and update rather than a complete new design.
Gingersnaps ETC - New website launch
Aleberry Creative is honored to be a part of the website re-design & launch for Gingersnaps ETC, a Houston tradition and 100% volunteer-driven organization that serves The Center (another great client)!
“The Money of Color” - Atlantic
The Atlantic discusses the selection of Pantone’s color of the year and color trends in brands & fashion. It’s interesting to see the process and effects of color on branding.
“Richard Branson on Growing Your Business by Building a Community” - Entrepreneur
Getting involved in volunteer efforts may help you to find customers and grow a business with deep roots in the community, which may be integral to its long-term success.
Jakub Linowski compiled a list of User Interface best practices on The site is great and quick read for designers, marketers, and business owners. There are currently 32 “Ideas” displayed with visual do’s and do not’s that are easy to scroll through.
“Startups, this is how design works.”
Wells Riley has put together a great piece on the importance of design in startups. By touching on the differences between UI and UX, “Startups, this is how design works.” explains why “design is problem solving.”
Congrats Cybele - Startup Weekend 1st place!
Congrats to team Cybele from Startup Weekend Houston (Nov 2013 edition)! Aleberry was honored to mentor & coach this startup team on Saturday. We knocked out a couple UI and app designs, along with some quick branding and logo design.
Rebrand Taken to the Next Level
Aleberry Creative recently worked in collaboration with GlobalWrites on a rebranding project for Level 5 Consulting, based in D.C.
Comapony: A Misspelled Identity.
If you misspell “company” in an email thread with us, it’s going to lead to about 45 minutes of distraction.
Be Curious. Read Widely. Try New Things. What People Call Intelligence Just Boils Down To Curiosity. - Aaron Swartz
Pretty up your digital device in honor of Aaron Swartz. Be Curious. Read Widely. Try New Things. What People Call Intelligence Just Boils Down To Curiosity. - Aaron Swartz As always, designed with love by Coffee & Aleberry.